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What We Do

We design, develop, plan, coordinate, monitor and measure construction repair projects exclusively for Homeowner Associations. We work as the Board’s advocate, providing exclusive services dedicated to Common Interest Development Communities from Architectural Design and Planning thru Construction Management. We institute high  performance designs to reduce risk and lower long-term building maintenance costs.

We assist homeowner association communities with reconstruction and repair designs, project specifications, contractor negotiations, and project management. We create the construction roadmap that enables the board to make evidence based decisions with a complete sense of due diligence. We are focused on ensuring your project stays on target, on budget and built to code.

As your construction repairs and replacement advocate, we take pride in every project with detailed communications and thoughtful coordination. We provide multiple repair solutions that includes alternative work specifications and construction repair methods to tackle all your building challenges within your budget.

We make sure the money is right, the paperwork is right, and the project is built right!