CM Squared, Inc. is a full-service architectural design, engineering and construction management firm specializing in homeowners’ associations and the people who call them home.  Working as the board’s advocate, we design, develop, coordinate, monitor and measure construction repair projects, plan for the future health of community assets, conduct forensic investigations, and provide expert witness testimony. 

Having the right team in place can save you time and money.  As your construction repair and replacement advocate, we take pride in every project, providing detailed communications, thoughtful coordination, and multiple repair solutions that include alternative work specifications and construction repair methods to tackle all your building challenges within your budget.

The team of experts at CM Squared, Inc. is in your corner, partnering with the community manager and board of directors to provide qualified bids and manage projects effectively.  We create the construction roadmap that enables the board to make evidence-based decisions with a complete sense of due diligence.  We are focused on ensuring your project stays on target, on budget and built to code.

From post-litigation repair projects to major reroofing, asphalt, painting, wood siding and trim repair projects, CM Squared, Inc. will create a custom plan unique to your association and provide onsite management through completion.

CM Squared, Inc. is the expert touch you’ve been looking for and can be trusted to get the job done on time and under budget.