Project Planning & Construction Management

• Scope Development
• Bid Packages
• Bid Analysis & Negotiations
• Construction Administrative Services
• Construction Monitoring & Management
• Financial Management
• Homeowner Communication



Prior to beginning a construction project of any size and scope, detailed documents need to be created. These documents are a written road map for bidding and building your project, and are necessary for making decisions, establishing the budget, and managing the final project outcome.

The scope of work is a detailed set of deliverables or features of a project and is derived from a project’s requirements. CM Squared, Inc. will identify the work that is required to complete your project successfully and work collectively with the board of directors to ensure the scope is accurately defined and mapped.



As part of their due diligence, the board of directors is obligated to review multiple bids when embarking on any major project such as reconstruction or roofing.  CM Squared, Inc. will manage the entire process by preparing all construction documents, plans, specifications and bid packages to ensure all bidders are fully informed on the project and are working with the same scope of repairs and replacement systems.  We conduct pre-construction bid-walks to review projects with bidders, manage scope questions, and handle additional inquiries during the Request for Information (RFI) process.  Potential general contractors will be vetted to confirm they are qualified, fully licensed and insured to minimize risk to the association.  The access we have to multiple qualified contractors allows us to represent your interests and ensure you receive the best pricing available.



Once CM Squared, Inc. obtains bids from potential contractors, we compile the information into a bid summary analysis for the board of directors.  This analysis highlights bid pricing and potential change order risks to avoid scope creep and unexpected costs, along with pros and cons of each contractor.  Interviews with contractors are then set up with the board so they can complete their due diligence prior to approving the final candidate.



Since every project is unique, we put a plan in place that best meets the needs of your association, ensuring a smooth process and minimizing disruption to the membership. Our team will establish and maintain a tracking system for construction records, coordinate and facilitate membership communications, process notices, facilitate pre-construction and construction meetings, respond to RFI’s, secure and maintain lien releases, update schedules, review and verify contractor’s application for payments, manage and verify change order requests, prepare punch lists, review warranties, and manage close-out documents.

Our goal is to support the association in the maximization of financial and operational performance while minimizing risk.



Once an executed contract is in place, it’s important that the terms of the agreement are adhered to throughout the life of the project. CM Squared, Inc. will ensure the performance responsibilities as outlined by the contract are met, authenticate amendments that develop during its implementation or execution, and keep meticulous records of documents, correspondence, modifications and payments.

The expert team at CM Squared, Inc. acts as the owner’s representative managing the entire construction process, consulting with the board of directors, design professionals and contractors. Our construction managers have a proven track record in overseeing a contractor’s work to ensure materials, equipment, work quality, and personnel adhere to, and are compliant with, the original plans.

Throughout the duration of your construction project, CM Squared, Inc. will monitor the activities related to the overall environment, negotiations and communications with the contractors, health and safety requirements, communications and meetings with membership, timeliness and schedule milestones, budget constraints and concerns, and compliance with plans and specifications. Timely progress reports are provided to the community manager and board of directors that detail project status, schedule updates, and any necessary clarifications or modifications.

Our goal is to ensure your project is completed efficiently, on time, and within budget.



Managing project funds is equally as important as observing progress to ensure specifications are being met.  CM Squared, Inc. will review and verify all payment requests and change orders prior to them being sent to the board for final approval, confirm that the request for payment conforms with the schedule of values and monthly billing statements, review and negotiate change orders, manage any additional work orders that are issued, develop punch lists and confirm every item is completed timely, holding back on payment until the work is satisfactorily completed and make sure lien releases are provided before payments are issued.



As with any relationship, strong communication is essential to a successful project. The communication needs to flow regularly not only within the team who is working on the project, but with those whose lives may be impacted as well.

CM Squared, Inc. will host pre-project kick-off town hall meetings for the entire community where we impart project information and answer questions helping to reduce concerns and fears of the membership regarding accessing units, what work is to be done, what is not included, and how will it impact them and their specific unit. Sharing information with the membership is beneficial to the future cooperation and collaboration of the community.

Throughout the life of the project, we continue to keep the membership informed by posting notices on a regular basis, coordinating repair work schedules, changes and inspections in an effort to minimize the inconvenience and impact to them. Homeowners have the ability to reach out to the project manager, administrators, or our office at any time should they have concerns.