• Forensic Investigation
• Cost Estimating
• Expert Witness Testimony
• Building Condition Assessments
• Third-Party Testing



CM Squared, Inc. affords your association the best option for consulting, forensic investigation, and litigation support offering a complete spectrum of services. Working on behalf of homeowner associations, developers, or as neutral experts, we provide the necessary expertise to support you through the entire resolution process. With extensive hands-on experience in residential, commercial and high-rise product examination, our team of accomplished engineers, architects, and cost estimators specialize in the initial investigation and analysis of building asset failures, full cost estimating and valuation, determination of root cause, recommendations for repair, and professional expert witness representation.

As a recognized and reliable partner, we provide you with the best opportunity to present a persuasive case. We also offer ease of transition into the repair phase once your case has settled.



CM Squared, Inc. takes pride in ensuring that our forensic investigations are thorough and detailed, maintaining meticulous records to ensure you have the material needed to present your case through arbitration, mediation and trial.  We assess documentation and the physical property to determine actual vs. purported deficiencies, building structure failures, and full examination of the damages.  Our process is reliable, effective and positive outcome driven.

We offer the following services:

     • Evaluation of as-built conditions:
            - Roofing systems including low slope and steep slope assemblies
            - Exterior finish systems (stucco, wood siding, etc.)
            - Window and door product installation
            - Below grade waterproofing
            - Decks and balconies
            - Stair assemblies
            - Tub / shower assemblies
            - Fire resistive assemblies
     • Visual and intrusive testing of building components
            - Spray testing on construction components
            - Electronic lead detection
     • Research and analysis
            - Building code analysis
            - Contract review
            - Manufacturer’s literature
            - ADA compliance
            - SB800 violation analysis



Just as important as determining existing structural deficiencies, is to establish what the costs are to remediate those issues.  Our in-house team has demonstrated proficiency in cost estimating not only defect related claims, but also in general construction, repair and remediation.  This experience provides us with the knowledge to effectively and correctly determine the value of the current deficiencies, along with the anticipated construction costs.

We offer the following services:

    • Preparation of cost estimate for construction litigation related projects
    • Analysis of cost estimate for construction claims and remedial repair work
    • Analysis of litigation costs and proposed insurance claim resolutions
    • Cost analysis related to allocation of damages to contractors, subcontractors and consultants
    • Preparation of Sufficiency Settlement Analysis
    • Prioritization study
    • Change order evaluation



Once the facts of the case have been compiled and you prepare for transition into the next phase of the process, it’s critical to have qualified representation you can rely on.  The team at CM Squared, Inc. has over 55 years combined experience in the field which makes us unparalleled authorities to testify on your behalf whether at arbitration, deposition or trial.

We offer the following services:

    • Job file preparation
    • Mediation preparation
    • Review contracts and allocate responsibility to subcontractor
    • Generate exhibits and support documents
    • Arbitration
    • Deposition
    • Trial testimony



Testing building performance is an important step in maximizing the useful life of your building components and systems.  To get the most useful life out of your building’s components and systems, CM Squared, Inc. will conduct comprehensive diagnostic inspections to evaluate compliance with building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and/or other applicable codes, addressing immediate needs along with providing recommendations and repair options for potential defects or deficiencies uncovered.  Building condition assessments give the community an advantage for budgeting purposes and planning for future performance of the systems.

We offer the following services:

    • Building Inspections
    • Building Performance Testing
    • Building Systems Assessments
    • Building Code Assessments
    • Non-Destructive / Destructive Testing
    • Repair prioritization into already existing maintenance and remediation plans when feasible



Third-party testing is a quality control process that affords your association with an extra layer of comfort knowing that you have addressed potential deficiencies and are compliant with applicable building codes. With a fresh set of eyes to ensure nothing has been missed, the experienced architectural and engineering experts at CM Squared, Inc. can perform unbiased, neutral, third-party testing on the building components and systems within your community.

We can perform the following:

     • Building Inspections
            - Interior
            - Exterior
            - Roof
            - Subterranean garage
            - Concrete flatwork
            - Asphalt paving
     • Review past and current building codes to determine compliance
     • Non-Destructive / Destructive Testing
            - Windows
            - Walls
            - Roof
            - Subterranean
            - Waterproofing
            - Water testing
            - Removal of building components to determine defect cause and how to properly repair
     • Prioritization of repairs
     • Report generation with repair options