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Developer Transition Services:
We provide Developer Transition Services. This process is such an important function for the association and for the developer. This “turn-over” of the community from the developer to the association for the care and managing of the common areas and the maintenance of all components is important, and we know it.

It is a very large responsibility and requires many skills sets that are not often necessarily brought into the process. We at CM Squared, Inc. have the resources to assist in this process. We bring architectural and structural design experts, project managers and management experts to ensure the transition process is as compete and comprehensive as possible.


Maintenance Manual Inspections:
CM Squared, Inc. services do not stop after the developer transition. We also provide Maintenance Manual Inspections.  At the time of the “Transition” from Developer to the Community, Civil Code requires the developer to provide what is called a Maintenance Manual.  The purpose of this manual is to list all the components for which maintenance needs are to be performed.  These manuals come in many shapes and forms and we are available to help you decipher what is involved.  We will work with your budget allocations to perform these monthly, quarterly and yearly maintenance inspections.


Maintenance Manual Programs:
In addition to the Maintenance Manual Inspections, we also provide oversite of a Maintenance Manual Program.  This service will outline the recommended schedules and suggested vendors to perform the maintenance as reflected in your manual.  We can work with you to incorporate Reserve Component Inspections in conjunction with satisfying the Maintenance Manual requirements.  It is important that Maintenance Manuals are addressed, and we can help you save money on your long-term maintenance costs. 


Energy Solutions:
We conduct energy and lighting audits. One of our trained, knowledgeable technicians will evaluate your energy bills and lighting needs with the board of directors and put together a comprehensive efficient energy and lighting program with trusted industry professionals.

We will take the time to research your rebate with your electricity provider, we take care of all the forms and applications needed to get you the maximum rebate available for your energy, and or lighting project.

We create a bid package of your energy and lighting plan and work on your behalf with vetted contractors to bring back multiple competitive bids to execute your new energy and lighting project. We will manage your energy and lighting project with your selected contractor around your approved schedule and sensitive areas to ensure a non-disruptive environment. We will inspect the project to see that is was completed as planned and to your satisfaction. You will be able to enjoy a lowered energy bill while living in an improved efficient energy and lighting environment.


Reserve Studies:
The purpose of a reserve fund is to repair, replace, restore, and or maintain the major common area components. Reserve Studies are required by law. Every three years the board must conduct a full reserve study, and it should be updated annually to be a relevant tool that best serves the community.

CM Squared, Inc. has a dedicated reserve study division with qualified technicians to accurately identify your common area components, the cost of repair, and or the cost to replace depending on remaining useful life. We also provide suggestions how to extend the useful life of your common area components when appropriate to help your community save money on its long-term maintenance costs.

We will provide you with a full funding plan that satisfies the Board’s fiduciary duty. Realistic Reserve Funding Plans are the backbone of a successful community. We work with the board to help determine the best course of action that includes options based on the boards input for each reserve study funding plan. CM Squared, Inc. will provide all the disclosure documents that Civil Code requires for distribution to the membership.


Asset Management Programs:
Understanding the community with all its building components and building systems can be complicated to say the least. We at CM Squared, Inc. work with the board of directors to maximize construction and maintenance dollars. The Architectural and Project Management teams are often called out to a community to analysis and complete one project - roofing, or painting or asphalt repairs and replacement are most common.

We apply a sophisticated approach to each project we are called out to plan or evaluation or manage. We never look at the single project at hand, without analyzing and considering all the other projects that will be coming due over the next 5 to 10 to 30 years. Our Asset Management Programs are all inclusive programs that plan for funding of the entire community, all the common area repair and replacement projects. We do this with the mind of keeping long term maintenance costs at a minimum. Our Asset Management Repair Plans have been called Reserve Studies on steroids by some board members and community managers. We call them necessary and vital to the long-term health and funding of every community. Call us for a no cost summary evaluation.