HOA Solutions

• Developer Transition Services
• Maintenance Manual Compliance



The transition process (turn-over) of the community from the developer to association for the care and management of the common areas and the maintenance of all components is important.  CM Squared, Inc. can assist in evaluating the health of the community prior to turn-over.  Are the reserves well-funded?  Is the budget complete and accurate?  Does the association have the proper insurance coverage?  Have the necessary documents been compiled?  These are just some of the questions that must be answered prior to the association assuming responsibility.  Working with CM Squared, Inc. prior to turn-over will ensure the transition process is comprehensive, leading to the success of the association for many years to come.



Per civil code, a customized maintenance manual is one of the required documents that the developer needs to provide to the association in the turn-over process.  The purpose of this manual is to list all the components for which maintenance needs are to be performed.  There is no standard format for a maintenance manual, therefore, it is advantageous to have it reviewed and inspected by trained individuals who can confirm the requisite and accurate information is included. 

In addition to reviewing the documents and manual transferred to the association from the developer, CM Squared, Inc. will create and provide oversite of a maintenance program.  This service will outline the recommended schedules and suggested vendors to perform maintenance.  Reserve component inspections can be incorporated in conjunction with satisfying the requirements.  Working within your budget allocations, we create a program that best addresses maintenance needs on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.  By proactively having a program in place, we can help you save money on long-term maintenance costs.