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Architecture & Engineering

• Reserve Study Projects
• Cost Feasibility Analysis
• Post-Litigation Repair Project
• Scope of Work, Project Specifications & Design Development
• Construction Drawings & Plans
• Architectural & Engineering Solutions


Reserve Study Projects:
When the times comes to address reserve study components to preserve and maintain a common interest development – balconies, decks, stairs and landing replacements, siding/trim decay, painting and asphalt – a well thought out plan is needed to be successful.  Our CM Squared, Inc. team has the expertise and experience to guide you through planning to ensure sufficient funding is available when required.


Cost Feasibility Analysis

With proper analysis and planning, unintentional special assessments can be avoided.  With a preservation or maintenance project goal in place, the CM Squared, Inc. team will identify various approaches for the maintenance or reconstruction of your common area components so we can provide your association with thorough repair recommendations.  Our recommendations are based first and foremost on life and safety.  Next, we factor in capital preservation and the integrity of the structure, followed by aesthetics.

Our research analysis includes:

Obtaining written surveys from residents

  • Reviewing litigation documentation
  • Conducting on-site inspections
  • Verifying existing building conditions through construction plan research and inspections
  • Researching previous community maintenance records and construction repair history
  • Destructive testing, as necessary, to better understand building failures

As part of the feasibility analysis we evaluate the current building condition in contrast to its useful life expectation to provide you with an accurate prioritization of repairs to preserve the building function.  If not well planned, funds may often be limited, and the cost feasibility analysis allows us to create and discuss a project with multiple phases over several years to minimize the potential need for special assessments.


Post-Litigation Repair Projects

Your defect litigation case has finally settled.  Now what?  Understanding that the process has likely already been overwhelming, let us walk you through next steps.  After meeting with and listening to the board to ensure alignment with the association’s vision and goals, we’ll assist in the development of a project plan, taking into consideration all defect issues, priorities, life safety elements, timelines and budget implications, with a goal of working with a defined scope and having the least amount of disruption for residents.


Scope of Work, Project Specifications & Design Development

To develop a scope of work, project specifications & design development we’ll take the list of building concerns from the cost feasibility analysis and categorize the defects by building assembly and building component. This complex matrix is filtered by building and unit numbers and outlines existing conditions of the building, recommended repairs and associated estimated costs. In some instances, it may be the most viable economic and long-term solution to make large scale improvements over an entire structure.

CM Squared will prepare a narrative of conditions or preliminary inspection report where the identified problems are described in detail. Included in this report will be photos that reflect current condition, along with notes as to the physical deficiency, infractions to code, original design drawings and industry standards detailing, and manufacturer’s specifications.

A conceptual scope of work is developed which includes the elements of the project requiring reconstruction, estimated construction costs and probable solutions for the board to review for further discussion and direction. Once the board approves the scope of work, the final repair can be designed, full scope of repairs will be compiled, and biding documents will be created.


Construction Drawings & Plans

Once agreement of the project scope is reached by the board, the next step is to present the board with remedial design drawings and specifications for review and approval.  We will present the schedule of work and supporting data, a matrix or design drawings illustrating the locations with the identified issues, a list of items and remedial details, project specifications that illustrate the project’s component repairs, and any necessary auxiliary information.


Architectural & Engineered Solutions
The project design drawing details of your project are created by an architectural and engineering team.  CM Squared, Inc.’s architects and engineers are available throughout the remediation process, saving you time and potential dollars.  This team will create the plans to be used in the bid package to identify the project elements for the contractor to complete the work.  As required, these plans may also be submitted to the city for approval and to obtain permits before the work can begin.  The CM Squared, Inc. team of professionals are available to see that your project is designed commensurate with current code and industry standards for construction.