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A key component of maintaining an association’s common area property is making sure funds are available to address both long and short-term maintenance and repairs obligations over the life of the property. Identifying those major expenses and setting aside funds for those eventual projects, the association minimizes its risk to financial disaster. Failing to ensure dollars are available to support necessary projects leads to detrimental consequences that can include unexpected and costly special assessments, unhappy homeowners and frustration to all.


CM Squared, Inc. works closely with the community manager and board of directors to create a comprehensive, yet easy to understand, Reserve Study report that ensures appropriate funding is in place to address all future needs for the maintenance, repair, restoration or replacement of major components in the community.


Our reserve analysts have the advantage of working side-by-side with our staff architects, engineers and general contractors who have extensive knowledge of key components and in cost estimating so they recognize true life expectancy along with realistic anticipated expenses. This combined in depth expertise provides the association with superior resources - the highest level of understanding so that no detail is left out.



Our clients appreciate and recognize the care and thoughtfulness that goes into each report. Our analysts hold both premier certifications, the Professional Reserve Analyst and Reserve Specialist, through APRA and CAI respectively.

Regardless of the age of your association, or the status of your most recent study, CM Squared, Inc. offers the best solution for your association to meet reserve study requirements and plan for the future health of your association. 



Good, Better, Best

Full Reserve Study

• Created from the ground up from scratch

• On site visual inspection to access, measure and quantify  common area assets

With Site Visit

• On site visual inspection to update previous reserve study

• Per the Davis Stirling Act, this update is required in California every three years

No Site Visit

• Update the association's prior reserve  study with no site inspection

• Component information is updated based on conversations with the board, management and service providers