Energy Efficiency Solutions

• Solar Roof Assessment
• Lighting Upgrades
• Multi-Family Rebate Upgrades
• Emergency Battery Backup Solutions



The best time to go solar is when your community undertakes a re-roof project.  The experts at CM Squared, Inc. will provide your association with solutions to integrate solar into the new roof to ensure proper waterproofing and aesthetics.  Recognizing that your association may not currently be in need of a new roof, we can also provide specifications for retrofitting solar onto an existing roof.  Additionally, solar doesn’t have to be limited to rooftops.  We can design your solar to be installed on the tops of parking lots, pool area pergolas and carports.  The assessment that we provide is valuable information for planning how to effectively and equally assign the most optimal locations for solar.



Lighting upgrades are a great way to take advantage of new technology, lower your electric bills, and increase the lighting and security both inside your building and outside on your property to eliminate excessively dark areas.  CM Squared, Inc.’s lighting experts will advise the association on turnkey lighting projects for both interior and exterior upgrades.  We provide lighting and control systems designs that integrate into your community.



CM Squared, Inc. provides comprehensive building upgrade programs for HOA communities through partnerships between local utility rebate programs.   Our consulting services are designed to determine maximum rebate dollars for projects the HOA will undertake whether stand-alone or as part of a larger planned project.



With regular downtimes from the electricity grid becoming a reality in California, we see an emphasis on providing standby backup solutions to keep the power on during an outage.  An emergency battery backup is installed outside, similar to an air conditioning unit, and comes on automatically within seconds of a power outage.  One such example would be to back up your clubhouse so in the event of an emergency grid shutdown there is a hub for the community.  Having a backup system in place can also provide potential opportunity to lower overall utility costs by reducing peak demand rates.