Dirksen is well known within the construction, roofing and multi-family community industries as a seasoned veteran of over 30 years.  His storied career is expansive – with first-hand knowledge and experience in construction and roofing operations to estimating and preconstruction. Personable and dedicated to building community, Dirksen also leads marketing and business development, with an emphasis on continual improvement, cultural positivity and open communications.

Meticulously passionate, Dirksen’s mission for CM Squared, Inc. is to provide practical solutions tailored specially for multi-family associations.  Beyond site inspections and construction management, Dirksen approaches projects on a holistic level to address current concerns and future well-being.  A people person at heart, Dirksen is active in a variety of industry organizations including CACM, CAI, ECHO and Westcon.  Volunteering and giving back to the community are a huge part of Dirksen’s personal and corporate philosophies.  He has a passion for sailing, and also enjoys playing golf and attending concerts.  Dirksen has a bachelor’s degree in business administration/change management from St. Mary’s College.