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Project Planning & Management

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• Bid Analysis & Negotiations

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Bid Packages:
The board of directors and community manager are not licensed, insured, or qualified to bid out reconstruction, and or roofing projects. Risk Assessment often is ignored when professionals are not brought to the table to create work specifications, plans, bid packages, and construction documents for community projects undergoing a major reconstruction or roofing project.

We manage the entire bid process. We prepare all construction documents, plans, specifications and bid packages to ensure all bidders are well informed of the project and bidding the same scope of repairs and replacement systems. We conduct pre-construction bid-walks to review projects with bidders, manage scope questions, and handle additional requests for information during the “RFI” process. We use insurance attorneys to ensure our bidders are qualified, fully licensed and insured general contractors or subcontractors. Yes, an improperly insured subcontractor will hurt the association equally as the prime contractor hired by the Association. Most, do not request insurance certificates from subcontractors as we do to make sure the association is fully protected and additionally insured.  We secure sealed bids from contractors as requested by the board.


Bid Analysis & Negotiations:
After receiving all the bids, we provide the board of directors with a bid summary analysis to better help them understand the full ramifications of each contractors bid. Our bid analysis highlights the contractor that provides a low bid, so they could make up profits later with change orders. Each of our bid forms requires the contractor to reveal their prices for any upcoming change orders, so we can avoid scope creep, and getting gouged. We coordinate contractor interviews with the board of directors.

We review the bid analysis with the board, exploring pros and cons of each contractors bid, so the board can decide based on due diligence without regrets.


Project Leadership & Oversite:
After the board selects its contractor, we work on behalf of the board of directors as owner’s representative to ensure the construction work is completed according to plans and the construction documents available with our project management field team.

We manage preconstruction meetings and weekly on-site meetings with contractor and board members from project mobilization to project close out. We provide the community manager and board of director’s timely progress reporting, with a monthly board package summary that communicates the project status, schedule updates, and any necessary clarification or modifications.

We upload to cloud based software for board of directors review all material samples, product submittals, shop drawings, mock-ups, punch lists and schedule updates. We have a high level of knowledge and excellent communication skills. We will direct and supervise the entire process on behalf of the board of directors to ensure a successful project.


Work Scope Compliance:
Writing a good work specification is of vital importance to ensure that all the work specifications, plans, project manual, construction documents are followed precisely. CM Squared, Inc. has the experience and expertise to ensure the project is built to exact plans and specifications. We have milestones in place for each project to ensure strict compliance. These milestones consist of preconstruction meetings with owners, and onsite meetings with contractors starting with mobilization. We conduct weekly site meetings with random unannounced inspections. The contractor should not always know what day and time we will inspect. This allows us to observe the progress of the construction, observe safety, and general conformance with the construction plans and work specifications.

CM Squared, Inc. provides weekly status reports to the community manager and board of directors communicating work progress, scope alterations and construction schedule changes.

We also provide monthly board packets with more information each month. Our monthly board packets include updated progress billing statements, schedule of values, payment requests, scope clarifications, submittals, change orders, schedule updates, punch walk lists, a true snapshot of the overall projects. All these documents and reports are again provided at project close out to the community manager and board of directors.


Financial Management:
CM² reviews and approves all project payment requests and change orders before being sent to board of directors for final approval. As important as it is to observe progress to ensure specifications are being met, it is equally important to manage the project funds. We ensure the request for payment conforms with the schedule of values and the monthly billing statements. We work as the owner’s representative to review and negotiate change orders and manage any additional work orders that are issued simultaneously during the project. We also make sure lien releases are provided before any payments are released. We develop punch lists and work with contractors to get every item on the punch list completed in a timely fashion, securing payment until the work is satisfactorily completed. Last, we will provide the notice of substantial completion followed up with our close out binder.


Homeowner Communications:
Project Communication is key. Reserve Study Repair and Replacement Projects and Post Litigation projects often cause unrest within the community, so communication with the resident homeowners as well as the community manager and board of directors is very important.

We host Town Hall meetings for the entire community to come to meeting place where we share project information to reduce concerns and fears of the membership regarding accessing of units, what is included, or not included, and how this project impacts them and their unit individually. We have held many town hall meetings and find these pre-projects kick off meetings are very beneficial for the future cooperation and collaboration of the community.

We also post notices on a regular basis, scheduling and coordinating repair work schedules, changes, and inspections, so services can be coordinated with the least inconvenience and impact of the homeowner residents.

We photograph and document any existing conditions prior to starting construction, accidents, safety violations and provide reports to ensure corrective actions are made immediately. Our notices have our office number, the project manager’s cell phone number, and project administrators contact information, so resident homeowners, vendors, etc. can contact us around the clock to ensure a smooth-running project with minimal drama.